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PowerPoint Animations and Transitions in Your Shufflrr Site

PowerPoint Animations, Images, and Transitions are one of the most powerful, and popular, tools of PowerPoint. They create emphasis on important points and add a little spice to your presentation.

A lot of clients ask us about how Shufflrr handles animations, and creative content for PowerPoint presentations, so here is some info about how Shufflrr handles animations, transitions, and licensed imagery.

  1. Shufflrr supports all PowerPoint animations. There is a wide range of PowerPoint animations that you can use to guide the audience’s attention, like Motion Paths and Trigger Animations, for example. Tools like animation painter helps you copy animation settings from one object and apply them to another in a matter of a few clicks.

In Shufflrr, you can see your animations on the larger and full screen previews. You will not see them on the smaller thumbnails.

  1. What is a PowerPoint transition? What makes them different? Transitions are the animations that sequence from one slide to the next slide, like Morph or Swipe, of the entire slide. When you upload a PowerPoint presentation file into Shufflrr and then subsequently download that same file, as is, the transitions will be fine. However, when you create a new presentation, taking slides from different presentations, and shuffling the order, you might see some effect on your transitions, especially if you have changed the sequence when taking different slides from different presentations that have different transitions. Remember to take the slides necessary to keep your transitions intact. It can be easy to forget.

The best practice for your branding is to always use the same transition, for two reasons. First, it’s easier on the viewers’ eyes. They don’t want a swipe here, a morph there, and then a third dissolve. All the movement detracts from your message and lends a chaotic feel to your presentation. And second, it’s just more elegant to have one consistent transition throughout. Sometimes, less is more.

Appropriate transitions in your professional decks can play a vital role in engaging your audiences. We will work with you one-on-one to optimize your PowerPoint transitions in your Shufflrr site.

  1. Easy access to licensed creative content from Getty Images©: directly in your PowerPoint window. Text and data are not enough to keep people engaged and focused. Imagery keeps people engaged. The key to enhancing your slides is having relevant pictures and graphics. Instead of searching for pictures on the web, and then trying to figure out the copyrights and photo quality, you can keyword search the Getty Images library, right from PowerPoint with Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint plugin. You’ll get access to thousands of beautiful images, specially licensed for presentation use. In just a few clicks – you will have a beautiful PowerPoint deck – ready to present.

If you need help modifying or enhancing your PowerPoint presentations – just give us a call at 212.213.1315 or send an email at

We’re here to help!

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