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Getty Images by Shufflrr are available in PowerPoint with Powerpoint Plugin and Google Slides

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Get the best pictures for your presentation by accessing Getty Images using the Shufflrr PowerPoint plugin. Together, they are bringing Getty Images’ extensive library of high-quality visual content directly into PowerPoint and Google Slides. This gives Presentation Creators unprecedented access to professional imagery for their presentations.

Unlocking the Power of Visual Corporate Storytelling

Visual content has long been recognized as a powerful tool for storytelling, increasing engagement and improving memory. Yet, finding the right images for your presentation is not only a time-suck, it’s also legally risky. Presentation Creators need legally-sourced images, with copyrights protected. With this partnership, Shufflrr users can now resource Getty Images’ vast collection of photographs, illustrations, and graphics directly into their PowerPoint presentations and Google Slides, saving time and ensuring a professional look and feel.

A Seamless PowerPoint Integration

The integration of Getty Images into Shufflrr’s platform is seamless and intuitive. Presentation Creators can easily search for images based on keywords, browse curated collections, and preview images before adding them to their presentations. They can also generate images with AI. Once selected, images can be resized, cropped, and positioned within slides, ensuring a perfect fit for the presentation.

Getty Images by Shufflrr Available for MS PowerPoint and Google Slides

The Getty Images library is available as an add-in to PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Ensuring Compliance and Quality

There are three advantages to Getty Images by Shufflrr

1) All Getty Images available within Shufflrr are licensed for presentation use, eliminating the risk of copyright infringement.

2) Getty Images’ reputation for high-quality visual content ensures that users have access to professional-grade imagery that enhances the impact of their presentations.

3) Saves time. No wandering and browsing the web. The images are right in Google Slides and PowerPoint. You keep your focus in and on your presentation.

Empowering Presenters

Whether you are crafting a sales deck, training materials, or a marketing pitch, you can now leverage the power of visual storytelling to captivate your audiences and communicate your corporate message more effectively.

Looking Ahead

The partnership between Shufflrr and Getty Images represents a significant step forward in the evolution of presentation management. By combining the capabilities of Shufflrr’s presentation management platform with Getty Images’ extensive image library, Presentation Creators are equipped with the tools you need to create presentations that inform, inspire, and engage.

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