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Does your brand look, feel and sound the same everywhere?

The numbers are absolutely staggering. According to recent research, 70% of content created by marketers goes unused and over 90% of it is never reused². Consistent branding is the key.

While a fortune is spent on websites, email, social media and other channels, presentations are usually handled at the regional or team level. This seems almost impossible to reconcile with the fact that a presentation is usually the last thing a customer, prospect, or senior executive sees before making their ultimate decision.

Consistency is key

Compliance is also a serious consideration in this arena. What you say and how you say not only sets expectations but is also committed to print when in a presentation. Any claim, benefit or feature needs to be managed and updated in a timely manner and disseminated quickly to make sure all branding complies with laws, regulations and approved messaging. Sharing some old pricing information is an honest mistake if you never knew that your Center of Excellence updated it. But the customer will never see it that way — especially if they’re your internal champion and your relationship is built on trust.

In addition, good Presentation Management ensures consistent branding, including your brand colors, fonts and everything that is visual or creative is consistent across assets. It is a good feeling (and even better business) to know that your company looks and feels the same everywhere it is experienced. Consistency across touchpoints is the hallmark of a well-run company; Presentation Management can be one of the fastest ways to make substantial improvements in this area.

It is also easiest to ask for a deck from the field to address this question. However, you might also start by asking for field materials to be sent your way from a manager or another sales leader.

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