Present Live FAQ

Present Live™ FAQ

Shufflrr Present Live™ is around the corner. Ensure your team is prepared to optimize remote meetings, conferences, webinars, and training sessions.

Does Present Live™ support webcam functionality?

Yes; presenters and attendees are able to stream live feed from video capture devices.

Does Present Live™ support audio transmission for large groups and conferences?

Yes; an unrestricted number of participants are allowed to contribute audio and video.

Does Present Live™ support dial-in phone numbers?

No; dial-in phone numbers are not supported.

Does Present Live™ support a chat box for discussion?

Yes; there is a public chat box and session log hybrid which archives all presentation activity and participant messages.

Does Present Live™ support recording a full presentation for future viewing?

This feature is currently under development and will not be available with initial release.

Does Present Live™ support interactive presentation components, such as hyperlinks and videos?

Yes; Shufflrr’s Present Live meeting and conferencing platform is the only product featuring direct participant interaction capability and in-browser video rendering.

Does Present Live™ support embedded documents (e.g. PDFs)?

Yes; embedded documents and files are supported.

Does Present Live™ support quickly swapping between multiple slides and presentations?

Yes; your full presentation library is accessible from the presenter panel.