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The Art of Selling

Working in sales is stressful and difficult, yet rewarding and very valuable. The skills one learns as a salesperson are applicable in any vertical and contribute to the wonderful phenomena of making money. Making money often requires a multi-step process with back-and-forth communication, introduction of new parties, and other tedious bureaucratic obstacles (read: problems).

Ideally, a prospect would express interest, there would be some soft ball discussion to affirm the prospect’s need, and the sale would move to completion at a steady pace. In fact, some products and services are so well-established, their value equations are just common public knowledge and they sell themselves without human touch!

There are businesses with marketing and operations teams—this might be your business—that consistently gossip about their “ineffective sales team.” The sales team “never uses the documents they’re given.” The sales team “is never informed on the latest offerings, features, or partners.” The sales team “presents inaccurate information which then must be corrected with prospects.” The sales team is dumb and meant to do what it’s told.

This is unhealthy, of course, but it’s also toxic for the work environment. It turns a tangible issue with the flow of internal information into a problem with people. The solution, therefore, is not to fire your sales team and replace them with people equally as likely to suffer under poor conditions, but to strengthen the propagation and availability of information.

The first step is to address the obvious: prospect and client-facing content. Consider how strong the flow of information is. Do your updates get adapted in a slow trickle when distributed? Instead, consider forcing adaptation. Edit all sales presentations at once and allow your content management platform to handle the rest (notifications, version comparisons). That’s a Shufflrr feature.

The next step is to have sales building presentations using approved and properly branded content. Rather than starting a slide from scratch, all sales personnel should be taking controlled assets which are managed centrally. That’s a Shufflrr feature.

Additionally, consider having all file formats indexed, rendered, and visualized when you’re filing through them at a glance. It’s easier to understand your content when you can see it. This is also an improvement in terms of searching and finding content from your own content or your team’s. These are Shufflrr features.

Lastly, deliver your presentations in a way that unlocks the power of all filetypes to become slides in your sequence. Do away with the linear restrictions of standard presentation formats and present from anywhere and on any device without fear of exposing private files and desktop notifications. That, too, is a Shufflrr feature.

Shufflrr is a product that finds full efficacy for all teams, departments, and industries. Discover how the power of content control designed for presentations can lift your sales team out of the gutter.

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