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The Most Extensive Content Management API

Most users interact with Shufflrr through their organization’s portal. The web portal is an implementation of the extensive Shufflrr application programming interface (API), which all customers can access and leverage. It’s possible for an ambitious team to create an entirely new Shufflrr front-end without sacrificing any functionality—the API is exhaustive of all features. Most organizations, however, use the API to create powerful tools and automated processes which facilitate availability of slides, information, figures, statistics, speaker notes, and more.

It’s impossible to interact with the slides, content, and metadata of a PowerPoint presentation programmatically without the use of Shufflrr’s tooling.

No other content management or presentation management platform offers this capability or an API as extensive as ours. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive front-end with a endlessly powerful back-end. Sales teams should be empowered by presentation-oriented automations and extensions, yet most are stuck using PowePoint presentations in primitive and unsustainable ways.

To name a few functions, Shufflrr enables the rendering of complex PowerPoint files in HTML, programmatic access to the detailed components of many file types (namely PPTX), elastic search for deeply indexed files, and the ability to update specific slides within presentations with updated information and figures across an organization.

Recently, we’ve begun the process of developing both core and tangential utilities to help clients further coalesce their content strategy with proper content management. Workflows will automate the movement of presentations and other files through a predefined tunnel of recipients, stage by stage. From draft to completion, each step of the editing and approval process is reinforced by structured automation.

Mass file uploads (particularly during onboarding in the process of transitioning content from a basic file management system) are made easier with a small desktop application for Windows and Mac. Without parallel data modeling on the client side, clients can extract the data they need from JSON responses using a limited SDK cultivated for their specific needs. The linked Shufflrr utility’s codebase is written in Java and packaged for multiple operating systems using JPMS modules (library + app + third party dependencies) and the incubating jpackage tool. Clients may wish to emulate the library in other languages for creating native apps or leverage it for server-sided processing. For example, in response to changes in metrics or data, a program can update relevant slides in sales presentations so data is always accurate without question.

There’s no catch — just as Shufflr is developing features to meet the needs of most clients, these same features and more can be developed by clients as well. The feature availability is identical.

The possibilities for leveraging the Shufflrr API are limitless and our team is eager to help clients meet their specific content automation needs. Shape presentation management to fit the sales, operations, services, and marketing requirements for your business using custom tooling.

Contact with technical requirements and inquiries to communicate with us about how we can address your team’s unique requirements.

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