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Your business’s content library contains documents, spreadsheets, images, PDFs, videos, presentations, and more. Each of the file types core to your business require specialized software to edit and maintain. For this reason, content becomes dispersed among many content management systems and slowly, organization becomes disarray.

To solve this problem, businesses employ content synchronization which ensures copies of files in cloud storage are the same as those in project management, emails, presentation management, and other repositories. This process is made simple with switchboard software that servers as a central connection hub to all your platforms, distributing up-to-date files throughout the network.

Services like Integromat and Zapier automate this process so your PowerPoint slide management service can save files directly to your cloud file storage. Now you have the benefits of granular presentation browsing, searching, and editing while simultaneously serving the most recent version of your content to teammates, clients, and prospects. Similarly, your video software contributes to that same cloud storage. Your spreadsheet software contributes to the same. All of your critical services are communicating via an organized network; no one is working in isolation with opportunity to lose recent updates.

Stay organized with the right tool for each file type.

Integrating your platforms encourages working as a team; individuals are less reliant on their own library of content and more reliant on your team’s library made available to everyone that needs it. When everyone ‘sings off the same sheet of music,’ your corporate message becomes stronger. The same assets are being used and reinforced such that a client will receive the same structured story from any member of your team.

Synchronizing your corporate story provides strength and allows it to grow. Collectively, your team can chip away at the same slides, presentations, and documents rather than working on separate individualized versions. If your team is constantly starting from scratch, then workflows are not integrated enough among your team members.

Presentation Management with Shufflrr is a seamless plug into your already-existing presentation file storage. Shufflrr unlocks the potential to browse slides at a granular level and view presentations holistically rather than individually. Shufflrr leverages the power of Integromat to deliver your up-to-date, version-controlled presentation assets to all of the software you already use.

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