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Integrate, Integrate, Integrate

A common indicator of how effective the software your business uses is how well it integrates with your other software and services. Today, it’s crucial that your content can be reviewed, edited, and found easily by very different groups, including other teams, freelancers, clients, and business prospects.

Fortunately, most software provides unique and advanced functionality for specific file types (e.g. presentations, videos, documents, etc.), but those platforms integrate using common interfaces, like file synchronization. File synchronization is among the most powerful integrations because it allows you to maintain a central repository of up-to-date business content while leveraging highly specialized tools to edit and distribute those files.

Integrating your business’s software also improves communication. Email providers can connect to your content directly, creating an organized flow from content editing to management to distribution in one connected chain.

Shufflrr integrates to synchronize your presentation library with dozens of platforms. Insert crucial assets into your presentations, then access those presentations and services.

Software integrations make people more efficient. Their slides are available when they need them and where they need them. Make things easy to find, easy to manage, and communicate better. Try Shufflrr to experience Presentation Management connected to your other critical digital assets.

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