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Improving Content Deadline Success

Today, content deadlines are met virtually — handing off an important sales presentation, marketing agenda, or state of the industry report doesn’t require a printer and physical access to a desk or mailbox.

Have it on my desk by 9 AM!

– No one in recent history.

Despite the modern marvel of content management technology, 50% of deadlines are missed anyway. Communication, time management, and effective team concurrency are skills developed as a product of necessity, consequence, and discipline. The problem evolves when deadline workflows grow beyond a chain of two or three people. Once the bureaucratic hierarchy is in full effect, every inefficiency expands timelines dramatically.

Reverting content back through the pipeline is nearly impossible for most businesses. Moving one step backward or starting over, suffering lost time (and money), are the only feasible options for many teams wishing to revisit a previous stage in the content development process. To remedy this issue, Shufflrr has introduced a new content management feature for all file types wherein a piece of content can be moved to a specific stage in the pipeline with context.

Files can be a part of several workflows. To fully understand the power of content workflows, it’s important to put their use into context.

Concurrent Shufflrr workflow pipelines.

As one pipeline identifies members and parties responsible for active interaction with the content, other workflows are present to identify the content’s stage toward final delivery. The possibilities are endless, and managing content pipelines becomes a visual, intuitive, and powerful system.

By moving content along a specific pipeline, predefined actions are associated. In the sample image above, if Patrick moves a file to “Brian’s desk” by moving the slider and applying that change, the file is transitioned to a predetermined destination where it can exist among other items waiting to be addressed by Brian as well. Should Brian decide Patrick’s work is inadequate, he can revert the item to Patrick’s folder destination or any prior member in the content chain.

Workflows can be changed to modify the content pipeline and further optimize the flow of content. Using workflows to meet deadlines improves timeliness for individuals and teams, and they are ready for use in Shufflrr to manage all forms of content.

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