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From a Mountain of Content to an Indexed Library in Minutes

Years of digital assets have built up with hundreds of hands playing a part in the disarray that is your business’s content library. Except it isn’t much of a library if you can’t find what you’re looking for. You know it needs to be organized and it’s just not a task your team has the bandwidth for. More pressing tasks are at hand, more directly tied to your bottom line, and it seems apparent that the best move is to “organize moving forward.” Every day becomes the start of organization into the future, but the cards are stacked against you — it’s very difficult to get everyone aligned on a single method of organization that works.

It’s the most common problem. Every business suffers from content waste as assets and over $900 million succumb to the abyss each year. Files that are sitting in your cloud storage system or your network drive may have suffered this same fate, but the issue grows underneath your awareness. It’s a silent killer for businesses of all sizes because it’s difficult to track how much spending on new content was truly unnecessary.

You need a solution that can be applied quickly without consuming your team’s time and bandwidth, and has longevity to support many years of new content additions. Shufflrr provides exactly this: imagine millions of nano-librarians parsing through all of your presentations, slides, documents, videos, images, and file metadata to create your business’s library. When you need something, you consult the library and it will present you with exactly what you’re looking for within moments.

Use powerful elastic search symbols, filters, tags, and toggles to hone in on content when there are hundreds or thousands of matches. Instantly visualize your search results without needing to open a file or wait for a program to load — all the information and visual representations you’ll need to identify your content is presented in an organized grid. You’ll recognize content at a glance and spend less time recreating content that already exists or trying to find it in a sea of files.

The image or PDF (within a slide) (within a presentation) that has eluded you for months or years is at your fingertips thanks to the Shufflrr Search Engine, which is specifically tuned to provide excellent results for PowerPoint presentations. The process is simple: Upload and Discover. Now, you have the power of individuals organizing their own content combined with the Shufflrr PowerPoint Search Engine. Shufflrr provides many more powerful features for managing terabytes of data for sales, marketing, and operations teams in all verticals.

Mastering your business’s content strategy doesn’t need to be done alone. Let’s get started:

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