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Content Management: Beyond Presentations

Presentation management is more than a cloud solution for holding content. It introduces:

  • Several layers of content analysis that actively digest and index your content;
  • PowerPoint as a means of developing and designing content for print, the web, desktop, mobile, or any communication platform you can imagine;
  • Unique extended support for file types that you use most often, including PowerPoint, PDF, image, video, and more;
  • Unparalleled collaboration and version management tooling to help your team work better as a team.

The long-term benefits of presentation management extend beyond your team. In practice, presentation management actively breaks down the walls between your closest coworkers and members at the furthest reaches of your organization.

A successful inbound marketing strategy demands buttery cohesion between sales, marketing, and services teams. The only way to achieve this goal is to replace walls with windows. Enable transparency at every level such that the moment you update content, figures, images, and data, everyone can observe your improvements and leverage your work to the success of your business.

With the best elements of social collaboration, meta-reporting, and version control, presentation management achieves an extremely powerful goal—it adjusts the path of least resistance. Businesses have previously and will continue to fail to implement successful strategies that unite their hardened silos. The primary culprit is simple; there is systemic pressure to return to a state of isolated teams and poor communication.

Displacing water with a bucket will not shift the bend of a flowing river.

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