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ChatGPT for PowerPoint: Straight Up Pros & Cons

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Everyone’s in a kerfuffle over generative AI. We’re in a rush to be the first to integrate it into our everyday apps (i.e. ChatGPT for PowerPoint) and everyday lives, so we can save lots of time and brain power. And at the same a little afraid that it will destroy the human race, or just render our paying job obsolete.

Not so fast! 

There are some great things that ChatGPT can do to simplify the tedium of creating presentations. But there are also some pretty bad things, which proves that human creativity and flexibility – nuance – are still much needed skills that an algorithm does not have.

Here’s a quick list of pro’s and con’s that you should consider as you use generative AI.


  1. It will put structure to your story. ChatGPT will organize your presentation into slides and sections for you. Structure and organization of a presentation is as important as the content itself, as it provides flow, context and helps the audience follow along.
  2. Versatility. It has access to the whole web, so it will bring in content and information on your topic quickly. It can provide information, summarize points and generate case studies and examples in minutes. Normally, this could take hours or days to research a topic.
  3. Language Enhancement. When (or if) at a loss for words, ChatGPT can polish your prose. You can edit written work, get suggestions, summarize ideas and improve overall copy readability.


  1. Generality. ChatGPT has access to vast amount of content, but it’s pretty general. Business presentations usually require a specificity about companies, people and products that are unique and often not in the mainstream. ChatGPT conversation will leave out a lot of the details that make your proposition special.
  2. Copyright Considerations. Since ChatGPT is pulling pre-existing data, it’s imperative that you verify and check IP rights.
  3. Quality. You don’t really know where the information is coming from, or how accurate it is. Wrong information in a business presentation is a sure way to lose face, and credibility, amongst your colleagues and clients.
  4. Accuracy. ChatGPT sometimes randomly generates its own ‘facts’ and figures, links to non-existent research, etc. While not malicious or ill-intended; it has no motive; it’s just the algorithm going a bit wonky. The point is, it definitely needs fact-checking.

To get all the advantages of ChatGPT for PowerPoint without risking quality, Shufflrr’s ChatGPT offers OpenAI keys that will focus the search to your company network, or wherever you direct it to. You can exclude the world wide web from the conversation. Essentially leaving out the random garbage that’s not relevant to your brand and business. Shufflrr integrates OpenAI keys into your Shufflrr site. A Shufflrr slide library with ChatGPT means your team can build, compliant, smarter presentations much faster.

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