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How Presentation Management Supports M&A Success

Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise these days. According to Ernest & Young, there were 33% more deals in 2016 than there were the year prior. It appears as though there will be even more deals this year, with a recent Deloitte study suggesting 75% of survey respondents expect M&A success activities to increase in 2023.

When executed correctly, mergers and acquisitions certainly provide organizations with a number of benefits. The newly formed company that emerges on the other side is better positioned to respond to changes in the market and meet customer demands.

Despite this, anywhere from 70% to 90% of mergers and acquisitions do not ultimately succeed, according to the Harvard Business Review. This high failure rate is perhaps easiest to attribute to poor planning.

For example, when two companies join forces, they have to figure out how to organize, share, and utilize their digital assets. This has historically been easier said than done, particularly as every organization maintains a wealth of content.

Remember, digital assets are enterprise assets. When forming a new company in today’s ultra-digital age, it is critical to have these assets organized and available to put to work on Day 1 of the merger. Otherwise, progress is thwarted and the newly formed organization loses momentum.

The good news is that thanks to modern presentation management systems, companies can approach M&As with the confidence that comes with knowing they’ll have full control of their digital assets the moment the newly formed company first opens its doors for business. This, in turn, increases the likelihood that their M&A will be a successful one.

In fact, Shufflrr recently published an in-depth analysis and case study of how Charter Communications used presentation management to streamline their Time Warner merger:

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