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New Presentlive From Shufflrr Empowers The Post-COVID Business World With Presentation Management Capabilities

In-browser presentation renderings, full audio and video streaming capabilities ideal for virtual meetings, conferences, webinars and training sessions where traditional video conferencing solutions fall short

Shufflrr, leaders in presentation management technology, announced the launch of PresentLive™, a robust new feature that provides a centralized, controlled presentation environment to a world where virtual collaboration has become crucial to business success. PresentLive™ enables executives and team leaders to deliver dynamic presentations from any device, rendered directly within the audience’s browsers, creating an unmatched visual and audio experience.

The virtual presentation has never been more prevalent, but existing video conferencing software is not inherently developed for the interactive business presentation. When presenting slides and other business assets with existing software, the need to toggle between screen share and camera can be awkward and cause the audience to lose focus. Adequate audio and visual quality is not enough in today’s virtual world when sales, investor relations and other key business functions are relying on conferencing software daily to communicate and drive business.

“With PresentLive™, we’re providing a controlled environment that’s more appropriate and practical for the business presentation setting,” said James Ontra, Co-Founder and CEO of Shufflrr. “PresentLive™ provides the presenter with everything they need to give a compelling, thought-provoking presentation, and the audience is locked-in because of the formalized setting and outstanding audio and visual qualities.”

With PresentLive™, Shufflrr is bringing its proven presentation management capabilities and applying them to the virtual setting. Through the platform, presenters have instant access to their refined slide library that houses all business assets formatted as slides, ready to present at a moment’s notice. Shufflrr’s PresentLive™ empowers interactive presentations that follow the conversation through an environment that promotes audience participation and engagement.

PresentLive™ allows business professionals to host meetings, conferences, webinars and more with unprecedented quality. Key features include:

  • Interactive access to the host’s entire Shufflrr slide library, bringing together content and communication, and leading to a more conversational presentation. Through the intuitive slide library, presenters can let the conversation dictate the content and seamlessly pull up any slide, video, PDF, image, or other presentation assets in seconds
  • Live audio and video transmission that doesn’t rely on the host’s bandwidth and is instead played through the audience’s browser, resulting in impeccable quality and viewer experience
  • Session logs and reporting that provides hosts and managers with insightful data like what slides were presented and how long those slides were presented for so that hosts can refine and update presentations to better engage with audiences
  • Advanced audience communication controls that encourage collaboration by providing the audience with the ability to raise their hands while hosts can mute, unmute and call on audience members

“Over the past seven months, how many virtual meetings have you attended where there’s been an awkward transition to screen shares? PresentLive™ eliminates that because it’s an ecosystem specifically built for the business presentation,” said AlexAnndra Ontra, Co-Founder and President of Shufflrr. “PresentLive™ is the next evolutionary step in the business presentation and virtual conference world, providing crucial presentation management tools that benefit both the host and the remote audience.”

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