PowerPoint Converter

PowerPoint Converter

Features conversion of PPTX files to various formats:

  • PPTX to HTML (embeddable iframe)
  • PPTX to MP4
  • PPTX to PDF

Use PowerPoint presentations to create website assets, videos, or documents without the hassle. One platform for all your content.


Create your presentation in PowerPoint, upload it to Shufflrr, and embed your presentation’s HTML snippet on your web page.

Your presentations will retain all transitions, animations, content, images, and other features up to the most modern version of PowerPoint.

Convert PPTX to HTML →


Convert your PowerPoint presentation to video format for embedding and sharing. Standardize the timing of your slide transitions, making your presentation identically reproducible on all devices that can play video.

Protect your advanced presentation animations and content from compliance violation and theft by converting to a video format.

Convert PPTX to MP4 →


Preserve your presentation in a platform-agnostic format using PDF, which removes animation, but captures your fonts, colors, images, text, and forms perfectly.

Use PDF when sending presentations to clients and prospects to ensure they may view your content on any device, including mobile devices.

Convert PPTX to PDF →

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