Hospitality & Travel

Align sales calls and deliver perfectly branded and up-to-date content every time.

Seamlessly manage sales videoconference content designed to impress travel agents and corporate travel planners. Keep your branding, imagery, and figures synchronized across your enterprise.

Branding synchronization
Data accuracy
Imagery sharing

Signage control
Consistent messaging
Font, color, template control

Maximize inbound marketing with a sales pitch travel planners won’t forget.

Deliver crystal clear presentations remotely. Anywhere on any device.

Presentation management is more than just productivity-oriented content organization software. Take your content to any audience: your team, business prospects, clients, students, and more.

Discover Shufflrr Present Live™.

Manage signage with direct SignageTube integration.

Your slides are crucial assets ready to be displayed on physical screens across your portfolio.

Synchronize slides and images to all users.

When you update slides, files, and images, it’s important that all members of your sales and marketing teams have the most up-to-date content. With Version Control, propagating changes is a breeze.

Search and share slides, images, files, videos, and more.

Assets are more organized because their contents are fully indexed and available at a moment’s notice.

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