Feature Detail

Features at a Glance

Visual slide libraryEvery file is a slide formatted and ready to present. Easily preview PowerPoint, PDF, Word, image, and video to quickly locate the exact file, slide, or page you need.
Slide previewPreview files and slides in small, medium, and large sizes.
Drag & dropDrag & drop a single PowerPoint slide or a complete file to create your own custom presentation.
Visual search with keyword highlightingKeyword search by file name, slide title, slide content, speaker notes, and metadata. Results presented on thumbnails with keywords highlighted within slides.
SortBrowse and preview files. Sort according to file properties and metadata.
Add metadataAdd custom metadata tags to individual slides or entire presentations.
File managementCopy, move, rename, update, and delete files within your organization’s portal.
VideoVideo is supported as standalone files and embedded within PowerPoint. Preview, share, and present live, and integrate videos with new PowerPoint files. Supports WMV, MOV, AVI, MP4, MPG.
PDF supportConvert PPTX to PDF. Upload and embed PDFs into PowerPoint slides. Supports drag & drop.
Image supportUpload JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP files. Supports previews and drag & drop.
Additional file type supportSupports Office and Adobe file formats, such as Excel, Word, and Photoshop. Supports drag & drop.
Slide updatingPropagate organization-wide content updates with parent/child slide relationships and version control.
Version control and archiveAccess previous versions of any presentation, slide, or file.
Edit PowerPoint files in ShufflrrMake text and image edits in Shufflrr without downloading a PowerPoint file.
Lock and unlock PowerPoint slidesProtect slides or permit editing via a parent slide. Great for Title, Agenda, and Contact slides.
Share with third partiesCreate a link to a file and email directly from Shufflrr.
Broadcast liveBroadcast presentations directly from Shufflrr. Present in Linear or Interactive modes to dynamically control the flow of a presentation and viewer content access.
Groups and permissionsCreate user groups and grant permissions based on function and content. Control viewing, editing, downloading, presenting, and other forms of access.
SocialUsers can like and comment on files and slides. Notifications available via email.
AlertsEnable or disable email alerts for content updates.
Reporting and auditingObtain detailed reports for users, slides, files, comments, likes, downloads, and other forms of activity.
Slide dataView slide properties and metadata
User dataMaintain contact information, sharing details, links created, and user event logs.
White labelBrand your portal with your corporate logo and favicon.
Developer APIAll Shufflrr features are backed by public API. Use Shufflrr-provided integrations or create your own.
Presentation builderAssemble new presentations from pre-built templates and slide segments. Significantly faster than even drag & drop.
TemplatesEasily implement and update PowerPoint templates to ensure proper branding across all presentations.
SharePoint integrationSynchronize files and data between Shufflrr and SharePoint.
Single sign-on (SSO)Supports OAuth and SAML.
Device-friendly interfaceOptimized for both desktop and mobile using an HTML5 interface.
iPad, Mac, and Windows standalone appsFull Shufflrr functionality within a standalone application with support for offline access.