Collect, manage, and deliver presentations anywhere.

Learning involves all of our senses. Provide an engaging classroom experience remotely using world-class presentation and broadcasting software. Have the entire curriculum at your fingertips.

Organize content
Share key assets
Manage presentation delivery

Present dynamically
Teach efficiently
Provide engaging visuals

Deliver dynamic presentations and control lesson flow.

Your library of presentations, slides, images, and other content can be interleaved into your presentation seamlessly. Move from slide to slide without a hitch on your viewers’ end.

Aggregate department assets for efficient reuse.

Collaborate with coworkers to produce standardized, high-quality content. Content reuse perpetuates education and makes time for things that matter most.

Use builders to craft cohesive and highly curated presentations.

Your PowerPoint presentations are more than a linear story. Put together academic material in an order most conducive to student success and learning.

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