Corporate Publishing Solution

Shufflrr is your corporate publishing hub.

Put the disorganized mess of files plaguing your business to rest. By using Shufflrr to organize your content, all files are automatically formatted as slides, ready to be presented.

Drag & drop slide library
All files formatted as slides
Integrate with partner apps

Advanced keyword search
Enforce compliance
Distribute slide updates

Your content is always organized, within reach, and prepped for presentation whenever you need it.

Your documents, PDFs, videos, and images are PowerPoint slides, too.

Corporate publishing takes the hard work out of converting your content from files to client-facing sales assets. Our users never look back to standard cloud storage solutions after switching to Shufflrr.

Visualize your content all at once without waiting for files to open.

No more waiting for several PowerPoint files to load in order to find what you need. It’s all right here, prepared for your viewing when you need it most.

Slide updating takes the pain out of change.

When businesses update branding, figures, sales assets, and more, the process can take weeks or months. Cut the nonsense with seamlessly integrated PowerPoint slide inheritance.

Find any content immediately.

All your content is not only presentation-ready the moment you publish it; it’s also highly discoverable with Shufflrr’s powerful indexing and search capabilities.

Security & Privacy

Shufflrr offers complete, uncompromising security and privacy. Your files are yours alone, protected with the most strict security standards in the industry. You can feel secure in publishing all your content to Shufflrr.

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