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From PowerPoint to HTML

Presentation management shines most during the presentation development process where teams save thousands of hours per year because their content is at their fingertips. It’s not just the individual slides which are viewable and ready to be used; it’s the content within the slides and relevant metadata as well. Presentation management creates the difference between […]

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The Most Extensive Content Management API

Most users interact with Shufflrr through their organization’s portal. The web portal is an implementation of the extensive Shufflrr application programming interface (API), which all customers can access and leverage. It’s possible for an ambitious team to create an entirely new Shufflrr front-end without sacrificing any functionality—the API is exhaustive of all features. Most organizations, […]


A Child’s Garden of Videoconferencing Verses

Disclaimer: The factual accuracy of this article is highly debatable. Today, we’ll be exploring the ancient historical archives of important videoconferencing poetry. To begin, you may be familiar with this eloquent piece by none other than John George Nicolay. Boom boom boom,Rendezvous in my Zoom.Let us spend sixty minutes with a hard stop at noon. […]

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Presentation Management Is Better Content Management

Every one of us and every company does content management. We store all kinds of files somewhere on our hard drive, phone, SharePoint, DropBox, Box, etc. The list of places goes on and on. When we look for one special file, we go hunting and pecking in a bunch of different places until we find […]

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Every File Is A Slide

Shufflrr formats all files as slides, so they are ready to present — ready to work for you. You can search, sort, and locate that one great slide. Then you can drag and drop it into a new deck, edit it, share it via email link, or even broadcast it with PresentLiveTM. This is not […]

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The Art of Selling

Working in sales is stressful and difficult, yet rewarding and very valuable. The skills one learns as a salesperson are applicable in any vertical and contribute to the wonderful phenomena of making money. Making money often requires a multi-step process with back-and-forth communication, introduction of new parties, and other tedious bureaucratic obstacles (read: problems). Ideally, […]

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Branding & Remote Meetings

After seven months of COVID, we’ve become pretty good at video conferencing. We fix our hair, even though we haven’t washed it in days. We put on our best shirt, pants are optional. We set up lighting to accentuate our finer features, and futz with our audio settings. VOILA! We are producing in a pandemic. […]

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Aligning Sales Intelligence and Assets

If you’re a salesperson, you may agree the greatest difficulty for sales is a lack of control. It’s not a problem specific to one business or even one vertical. It affects all sales teams in all industries and the biggest players in any field suffer from it as well. The Issues Validating Necessity It’s not […]


The Looming Dangers of Videoconferencing

The post-COVID era is more remote — meetings both internal and external are being held on videoconferencing platforms which allow audio and video transmission to an audience of viewers. Some platforms allow for screensharing or presenting (like Present Live), but there are some items we should be more cognizant of prior to making our webcam […]


The “Just Get It” Initiative

Gating content is archaic. We’re opening the door to our knowledge about presentation management and how our clients have succeeded because of it. No forms or hoops of fire; all of our content is yours to learn from. As a business, it’s important to generate leads and field product interest. But today more than ever, […]